Home Loan Qualification – 1

Home Loan Qualification – 1

Let’s simplify! There are three basic components for home loan qualification:

  • Income – including job history,
  • FICO Scores and
  • Liquidity For
    • Down Payment
    • Closing Costs
    • Reserve Funds

if you have good income, good FICO and enough fund reserved, then you mostly likely to qualify for a home loan. The only question left is how much you qualify for and/or how much you are comfortable with monthly mortgage payment. If you are on those, then kudos to you:)

However, the problem is that most people have only two good components out of those three(Income, FICO and Liquidity).


For instance, most people have

  • Good income and good reserve(liquidity) but low FICO score, or
  • Good FICO and good reserve(liquidity) but limited and/or no income, or
  • Good income and good FICO but limited reserve(liquidity).

If you are missing one piece of those components (Income, FICO or Liquidity), then call/txt me or email me and I will go above and beyond to find you a loan.


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