DSCR/Rental loan

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What is DSCR Loan?

DSCR, aka rental/investment (residential 1-4 units) loan, is for those who look for financing an investment property using rental income instead of personal income. For more details, call/txt (402) 432-3440 or (703) 825-8401

Borrowers’ Eligibility:

  • Must own a home
  • Down payment starts at 20%
  • Cash-out Refi starts at 75% LTV
  • FICO starts at 640
Income Documentation:
  • Need 6 months PITIA reserve
  • No tax return, no W2s needed
  • No Income documentation needed
  • Using estimated rental income

Where and who can buy?

  • House in your neighborhood
  • Vacation home
  • First Time Investor – OK
  • Close in LLC
  • DSCR Loan is for anyone who wants to own rental properties.
  • This is ideal for Buy and Hold rental properties. This is NOT a good program for Fix & Flip

*For further detail, please email me at

info@hbradosti.com or call/txt me at

(402) 432-3440/ (703) 825-8401

For Commercial Properties (5 units or more), CLICK HERE